Feb 12, 2011

Transfers and appointments

April is the beginning of the new school year and new fiscal year in Japan and, therefore, the time for transfers and new appointments.  Catholic Church in Japan is no exception of this tradition in Japan and number of dioceses have announced their plan of new appointments recently.  As for myself, I had to work on 2 dioceses, Niigata and Sapporo, at the same time and it was not easy.  As it has been already announced in Sapporo diocese, there are quite a number of changes especially in the area where Franciscan Fathers (OFM) are working.  I learned that the Japan Province of the OFM made a drastic change of focus of their mission in Japan and shifted several confreres within the province.  Also they have decided to hand over the administration of several parishes to respective dioceses.  Fortunately for Sapporo, OFM decided to add more confreres to work for the diocese.

As for Niigata diocese, OFM also made a decision to hand over the administration of Parishes in Omotemachi, Fukuzumi, both in Nagaoka, and Tokamachi to diocese.  Therefore, after the Easter, Fr. Manabu Takahashi, a diocesan priest, will take posts of the parish priest of these 3, Omotemachi, Fukuzumi and Tokamachi.  Fr. Bruno Fabbri, OFM, will be transferred to Itoigawa as the cooperative priest working with the parish priest, Fr. Domenic Gandolfi, OFM.  Fr. Ferdimar Faminialagao, SVD, will remain in Nagaoka as the assistant.   SVD is sending Fr. Jose Lorenzo, SVD also as an assistant to Fr. Takahashi and also work with Fr. Ferdimar for migrants in Niigata.  Addition to these appointments, Hanazono parish will get their new pastor.  Present parish administrator for a year, Fr. Fernando Parra has been appointed as a parish priest of Hanazono from this Easter.

Another movements in Niigata diocese is for Akita district.  Fr. Okazaki, present parish priest of Odate, will also take care of Kazuno at the same time and Fr. Ban of Kazuno and Noshiro will be a parish priest of Noshiro alone.  Then SVD is sending Fr. Fransiskus Asisi Moruk, SVD, to Akita as an assistant and Fr. Praful Kujur, SVD, to Odate as an assistant.  Fr. Moruk is a new missionary from Indonesia and Fr.Praful is a newly ordained last year and originally from India.

Please kindly remember our dear priests in Niigata and Sapporo diocese in your prayer.

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