Mar 12, 2011

Japan Earthquake update 3

Holy Father has sent his message of encouragement to Archbishop Ikenaga, the President of CBCJ, this morning.

My office in Niigata has managed to contact Fr. Komatsu, the chancellor of Sendai diocese, through e-mail.  He could manage to reply only after Sendai got electricity back this evening.  According to him, Bishop Hiraga of Sendai is fine.  He is still working hard to assess the damage of entire diocese but it is not so easy since the phone system in the area is not functioning well enough yet.

Fukushima nuclear power plant is in serious trouble as it has been reported widely.

It is quite difficult for me to watch TV coverage of Tsunami since my hometown, Miyako where I was born and was baptised, has been badly damaged.  It is chilling to witness, even though it is only through recorded media on TV, strong tsunami wave invading town of Miyako with such a mighty power.  We are nothing in front of the power of natural disaster.  We still do not know about the fate of Parish in Miyako.  The parish is nearby the train station of Miyako city. 

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