Jul 5, 2011

Bishop Hamaguchi ordained for OITA diocese

Entire faithful, priests and religious of OITA diocese in Kyushu have been waiting for the appointment of their new pastor for more than 3 years since their last pastor, Bishop Miyahara had been transfered to Fukuoka diocese in March, 2008.  Finally, their new pastor, Bishop Paul Sueo HAMAGUCHI has been ordained and installed on 26 June, the feast of Corpus Christi in Japan.

Ordination Mass was held in a convention center in Beppu, a famous Spa resort city near Oita where the cathedral is located. Since the Cathedral of Oita is too small to accommodate more than 1,500 people gathered together to join the celebration, organising committee had decided to hire the huge convention hall for the ceremony.  Almost all the active Bishops in Japan, including outgoing Nuncio and several retired bishops, including former Bishop of Oita and presently a rector of the International Seminary of Neo Catechumanate for Japan which is located in Rome, Bishop Hirayama join the Mass which was presided over by Archbishop TAKAMI of Nagasaki.  Bishop MIyahara of Fukuoka and Bishop Koriyama of Kagoshima, all of them from Nagasaki province, were the co-consecrating Bishops with Archbishop Takami.

Bishop Hamaguchi, 62, is originally from Nagasaki and was a rector of minor seminary in Nagasaki diocese before.  He  was seconded to Takamatsu diocese for sometime to support Bishop Mizobe, SDB, upon his request to send experienced priests to support pastoral care of Takamatsu diocese after the difficulties faced by Bishop of Takamatsu connected to the incident of Neo Catechumanate seminary.  His motto is "Proclaim Good News to all creatures."  Though the OPita diocese is small with around 5,000 Catholics, newly appointed bishop is determined to work together with people to proclaim Gospel message with confidence which is based on his strong faith background from Nagasaki.

 Congratulations for Bishop Hamaguchi.

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