Nov 30, 2011

Visitation of the convent of Poor Clares in Takada@Joetsu

After the Priest Senate meeting on Monday and Tuesday in Niigata Cathedral, I had to travel to Takada in Joetsu city.   It was 2 hours drive through Hokuriku motor way to south from Niigata.   I had to travel to Takada for the official visitation of the convent of Poor Clares. There are a community of Poor Clares Sisters in Joetsu which was invited by my predecessor, late Bishop Sato who was a Franciscan.  The community of Takada in Joetsu is under a local bishop and according to their statute, the local bishop has to make an official visit every 3 years.  During the visitation, an election of mother superior and her assistant has to be conducted and the bishop has to be present with the community.   Also before the election, I have to interview all the members of the community.   So these are my official duties as Bishop of Niigata.
There are only 7 members in the community and 2 out of these 7 are residing outside the convent because of their age and health.   So I had to meet with only 5 members. It is a small community.

Today Sr. Gushiken was elected as mother superior of the community and present superior, Sr.Ohmi was elected as an assistant.  They are a small community but obediently offer daily prayers for us to support the apostolate of Niigata diocese.  Their prayers are powerful.   So it is also our duty to pray for them, especially for their vocation.

 Photo above is a front view of the convent and below is inside the convent. Of course, this is a section open to public.

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