Mar 2, 2014

Appointments and transfers@Niigata Diocese

I have been to Akita over the weekend to attend a graduation ceremony of 170 students of Holy Spirit Girls High School in Akita. The school is run by SSpS sisters and has been considered as one of the most prominent girls only school in the area.Unlike in the case of major cities such as Tokyo, private schools are usually regarded as second choices for students. In general in rural areas, public high schools are regarded as better school than private schools. So without government subsidy, it is quite impossible to run private school in these rural area of Japan. In such a situation, though they also have their own peculiar issues to deal with, Holy Spirit High has been doing quite well. Such Catholic Schools are quite important for the Catholic Church in minority situation like Japan. These schools including our parish KGs provide us opportunity to meet people and talk about Christianity. Though we do not see many baptism from these students, graduates from Catholic schools could be called sympathizer of Christianity. Well congratulations to 170 graduates from the Holy Spirit High.

I am sure that appointments and transfers of Niigata diocese have been announced today in Parishes. Following is the list. (Photo. Top: train from Niigata to Akita. Second: Akita Catholic Church behind a frozen pond.)

Akita district
Fr.Angel Peralta, SVD:  Parish priest of Akita (from Kichijoji parish, Tokyo)
Fr.Felix Lobo, SVD: Parish priest of Noshiro (from Nishimachi parish, Nagasaki)
Fr.He Xiao-Feng, SVD: Associate pastor of Akita (Newly ordained)

Yamagata district
Fr. Hachiro Ban,SVD: Parish priest of Tsuruoka, Sakata (from Noshiro)
Fr.Martinus Pariyanto, SS.CC.: Parish priest of Yonezawa (from Hitachi, Saitama)

Transfer to other diocese
Fr.Sri Waluyo, SS.CC.
Fr.Misao Kawamata, SS.CC.
Fr.Pavol Filadelfi, SVD
Fr. Luis Fernando

Welcome to newly appointed Fathers and our appreciation and gratitude to those who are on transfer to other dioceses.

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