Oct 31, 2012

New appointments, also for myself.

Past few days, there have been a number of important appointments made by Holy Father for Catholics in Asia.

First and most, we are happy to know that  Archbishop Chito Tagle of Manila and the major Archbishop of the Trivandrum of the Siro-Malankaresi in India, His Beatitude Baselios Cleemis Thottunkal were among those 6 bishops named Cardinal by Holy Father on 24 October.

Archbishop Tagle is well known as one of the best speaker of modern times in Catholic Church and I also had several occasion to meet him.  Photo above is from a meeting in Taipei a few years ago.

In January when I went to New Delhi for the Golden Jubilee of Caritas India, I met Archbishop Cleemis.  Though, according to the birth record, he is younger than myself but he created a impression of well matured wise old man.  Wonderful man.

Compare with these important appointments this one is not so significant but it is a great honour and challenge for me.  It has been announced on 27 October that Holy Father appointed several additional new members for the Pontifical Council of Inter-religious Dialogue and Pontifical Council "Cor Unum." These appointments included two bishops from Japan.  First and most, Archbishop Okada of Tokyo has been appointed as a member of the Inter-religious Dialogue.  Then I have been appointed as a member of Cor Unum together with Cardinal Maradiaga, SDB, the president of Caritas Internationalis. Term of office is for 5 years.  Mr. Michel Roy, the secretary general of Caritas Internationalis has also been appointed as a consultor of the Cor Unum. You may find other appointments of the day from this link.  In fact, I had received an appointment letter a few days before the announcement was made. The letter was signed by Cardinal Bertone and it was, of course, written in Latin.

Doubleheader Confirmation Mass@ Kashiwazaki & Tokamachi

On 21 October, Sunday, I made a pastoral visit of both Kashiwazaki and Tokamachi Parishes in Niigata Prefecture. City of Kashiwazaki is 80km southwest of Niigata city.  Then Tokamachi is 40km south of Kashiwazaki city.  Kashiwazaki city is famous for the Kashiwazaki Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant run by Tokyo Electricity Company.  By the way, Niigata prefecture has been provided electricity from Tohoku Electricity Company and not from Tokyo Electricity Company which operates this world biggest mega-nuclear power plant with 7 reactors.  Because of the accident after the March 11 disaster of the Fukushima plant, all these 7 reactors have come to a halt.

This Sunday was a kind of the "Doubleheader Confirmation Mass Sunday".   I celebrated Mass at Kashiwazaki at 9am and Tokamachi at 3 pm. In Kashiwazaki, 6 people were confirmed while 3 people were baptized and one confirmed in Tokamachi.

First two photos are from Kashiwazaki in which you may find a parish priest, Fr. Leo Bassi, ofm, who is 89 years old this year from Italy standing behind those who were confirmed.  Still keeping strong and active so that he prepares candidates for confirmation every year.  Majority of kids who received infant baptism stop coming to Church while they are in the Junior High School because of Sunday sports activities organised as part of School activities.  Japanese kids are busy even on Sundays for school activities though, officially, the weekends are designated as holidays in Japanese School System.  I should not be so critical about the present practice of this society but Japanese society has developed one of the best way to kill traditional religions which require faithful to come for regular worship during weekends.  Japanese traditional religion, such as Shinto, does not require their faithful to visit their shrine in regular basis as such. 

The photo above is in the chapel of Tokamachi after the Mass.  You may find a parish priest, Fr. Sato and also Fr. Chito Lorenzo, SVD, from Nagaoka parish supporting the day's activities.  Well,you may see from the photo so many faces from other countries, especially from Philippines in Tokamachi Catholic Community. They and their families are real hope for the future of our diocese not only in Tokamachi but in many other parishes.  I believe these so-called "migrant Catholics" in Japan are the modern missionaries sent by God, especially to the places where traditional Catholic mission activities could not reach out, which is villages in country side.  These Filipino in the photo came all the way to Japan to be wives of Japanese farmers and now they are mothers of so many kids.  Their husbands are also showing quite positive attitude towards the religions of their wives, Catholic, and some of them have been baptised already.  Thank God for his providential care for us.

Oct 15, 2012

At the beginning of the Year of Faith

A message from Bishop Isao Kikuchi at the beginning of the Year of Faith

My dear brothers and sisters in Niigata diocese,

"We cannot accept that salt should become tasteless or the light be kept hidden (cf. Mt 5:13-16)"

With these words in his apostolic letter to announce the Year of Faith, "PORTA FIDEI," Holy Father invites all of us to commit ourselves to a new evangelization.

The Year of Faith begins on 11 October this year, which is the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council, and will last till 24 November 2013, Sunday of the Christ the King. Through out this year, as one who inherited the gift of faith, we are invited to renew our commitment in "choosing to stand with the Lord so as to live with him ("Porta Fidei"10)" and to be witnesses of our faith through our words and deeds by going back to the root of our faith.

As we are celebrating the centenary of the diocese in Niigata, I would like to invite all of you to make this year as "time" to go back to the very basics of our faith and deepen your knowledge again.

While referring also to the message of Japanese Bishops Conference, I would like to recommend following points to be considered in our parishes. Each parishes are to come out with their own plans of action for the Year of Faith and report back to me through respective parish priests.

1: Read attentively the apostolic letter of Holy Father, "Porta Fidei," and meditate on it.
2: Participate in the Holy Eucharist actively.
3: Pay much more attention to the study of the documents of Second Vatican Council and the Catechism of the Catholic Church "so that everyone may feel a strong need to know better and to transmit to future generations the faith of all times."
4: More time and attention should be given to the Word of God and through prayer and sharing we will try to be renewed deep in our hearts.
5: By our own witnesses in the society through words and deeds, we will live to testify that "the Christian vocation by its very nature is also a vocation to the apostolate."

In Niigata diocese, the Year of Faith has started on 7 October with the Centenary Thanksgiving Mass. On 14 October, parishes should pray for the blessing over the Year of Faith during the Sunday Mass.
As we are invited to renew our gift of faith, we are also invited to realize our responsibility to bring our witnesses of faith and love. May we be able to return to the origin of our faith and deepen our understanding of our own mission.

11 October, 2012
Bishop Isao Kikuchi, SVD
Bishop of Niigata

Oct 12, 2012

Centenary Celebration of Niigata Diocese on 7,8 Oct.

Two-day celebration of the centenary of establishment of Catholic Diocese of Niigata was successfully ended. More than 700 people joined the thanksgiving Mass on 7, October at 1:30 pm at the Cathedral, Niigata Catholic Church. Archbishop Joseph Chennoth, Apostolic Nuncio to Japan, Archbishop Okada of Tokyo, Bishop Umemura of Yokohama and Bishop Hiraga of Sendai also joined the Mass which was con-celebrated by 40 priests.

Underneath, you may find my homily during the thanksgiving Mass. . During the Mass, two crucifixes which went around all the parishes in the diocese starting from last year's Christ the King Sunday finally arrived back to their original place, the Cathedral.  One of them was brought back by parishioners of Kazuno, the northern end of the diocese, and the other by parishioners of Itoigawa, southern end of the diocese.  These crucifixes were accompanied by a notebook respectively which are filled by photos and messages from parishes.  Main purpose of this relay of crucifixes are to foster unity of diocesan community while reminding ourselves that we are united under one crucifix which is showing others what we believe and what are our values as Christians.

After the Mass, there was a party in a local hotel.  Party room was filled by more than 400 people.  Students from Seishin Girls High School, one of our Catholic High School in the diocese, played Hand Bells at the beginning of the party.  Of course, as usual in Japan, none of these students are Christians but they played beautiful Catholic hymns for us.  Also our diocesan youth group performed their original song for the centenary which was also played during the thanksgiving Mass.  There were several performances by many individuals and groups including Filipino Dancing Team from Shinjo Church.

Then on 8 October, we held diocesan assembly which was attended by more than 300 people. Fr. Semoto, SJ, a professor of Philosophy in Sophia University gave a lecture on evangelization for 2 good hours. After that a member of the diocesan construction committee explained in detail about planned new building for the diocesan chancery office and a bishop's residence.  Then I spoke about the Mission Statement and invited all of them to submit the mission statement paper before they leave.  As I had declared, Niigata diocese started the Year of Faith with this centenary celebration, I also explained about the meaning of the Year of Faith.

Finally we had the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and presentation of the Mission Statement.  Representatives from each parishes brought mission statement papers from respective community to the alter.  I still invite all others who could not submit it to do so before Christmas.

Finally, one of two crucifixes  which went around the diocese for past one year was handed over to members of Catholic Parish in Khabarovsk, East Siberia, which is our sister Catholic community. Parish priest, Fr. Ivan also presented us a beautiful icon from Russia.  Khabarovsk community was represented by 2 priests and 2 ladies.  We thank them for traveling all the way from Siberia to visit us.  Well it might be a shorter flight to come to Japan for them than a flight to visit their own bishop in Irkutsk  though. Thank you everyone to join the celebration. The Celebration was all organised by a committee of our lay people and they spent 3 years to prepare for this.  Thank you so much.

Thanksgiving Mass for the Centenary of the Catholic Diocese of Niigata
Homily by Bishop Isao Kikuchi, SVD
7 October, 2012
"The Word was the source of life, and this life brought light to people" (John 1:4)
      We have been trying to shine the light, which is the light shining in the darkness and the light of life, and to hold it high in Niigata diocese. United in the one faith, being a part of One Body, Catholics in Niigata diocese have made great and sincere efforts to be witnesses of the light through our words and deeds for one hundred years. As we enter the new period of the history, let us acknowledge the achievement of our ancestors in faith who created the history of the diocese and show our gratitude. At the same time, we have to be grateful to the providence of God who has been leading the Church community at the helm and have to renew our commitment to respond to his call.
      History of evangelization in prefectures of Niigata, Yamagata and Akita started more than 400 years ago. Blessed Martyrs of Yonezawa and the memorial site of martyrs in Sado island are the clear evidence of early presence of Christians in this area. The community of Christians in Yonezawa led by Blessed Louis Amakasu Uemon in 17th century counted more than two thousand members according to the record. Their strong and vigorous witnesses of faith through words and deeds, especially by the 53 Blessed Martyrs, have created steadfast foundation of our Church community.
      After the period of persecution of Christians in Japan, missionaries returned to Niigata and started evangelization effort in 1871, which is 141 years ago. On 13 August, 1912, after almost 40 years of re-evangelization effort, the Apostolic Prefecture of Niigata was established with territories from Akita, Yamagata and Niigata prefectures taken from Hakodate diocese and Toyama, Ishikawa and Fukui from Tokyo diocese. The Society of the Divine Word, SVD, was made in charge of the Apostolic Prefecture with appointment of Msgr. Joseph Reiners, SVD, as its first Prefect. Fifty years later on 16 April, 1962, the Apostolic Prefecture was made a diocese and Bishop John Shojiro ITO, then a parish priest of Yamate in Yokohama, was appointed as its first diocesan bishop.
      Though one hundred years has passed since Niigata became an apostolic prefecture and fifty years as a diocese, this area has never been considered as greener pastures for missionaries since the time of Hakodate diocese. The diocese has local population of more than four million. However, according to the statistics for past 40 years, Catholic population has been always around seven thousand. If we look at the statistics to evaluate our evangelization effort, then we might be called a failure. However, what is important for us is not just finding better results in numbers. The crucial point is whether we have been able to be a bright light shinning in darkness and to bring real light of life to people and to this society or not. We have to examine our way of life as Christians.
      In his Apostolic Exhortation, "Verbum Domini," Holy Father writes:
"In no way can the Church restrict her pastoral work to the “ordinary maintenance” of those who already know the Gospel of Christ. Missionary outreach is a clear sign of the maturity of an ecclesial community." (Benedict XVI, Verbum Domini 95)
      Then Holy Father reminds us that "Church is a community that hears and proclaims the word of God." (VD 51) and challenges us to re-examine our fidelity to this call to be Church. After 100 years of evangelization activities, have we been able to create a community of matured Catholics in this diocese? Is our enthusiasm for evangelization still burning in our hearts? Have we been faithfully trying to listen to the Word of God and to disseminate it?
      On the occasion of the centenary, the Niigata diocese has revised its 3 priorities in evangelization. These are as follows:
1: To build "our Church", one which is filled by joy and compassion through overcoming differences created by age, nationality and cultural diversity.
2: Realizing the responsibilities of the Catholic Church in society through exchanges of information within the diocese, districts and parishes.
3: To continue to nurture and deepen our faith, so that we may be witnesses of the      Gospel both through our words and deeds in the midst of contemporary society
Parishes in the diocese faces quite common challenges such as: less kids and more elderly members, massive rural exodus of population, differences of language and culture among members, aging priests and religious and no vocation, and absence of youth in parishes.
      However, we are still able to see bright lights even in these difficulties such as existence of migrant Catholics, especially from Philippines, whom, I believe, God has sent to Japan as missionaries of our time. It's providence of God.
      The 3 priorities lead us to find the best way of the action in evangelization for the entire diocesan community in order to be witnesses of Gospel even though we face so many of difficulties. On this occasion of the Centenary celebration, let us re-commit ourselves to this important activities of evangelization together with other members of the one community.
      Fifty years ago on 11 October, 1962, the Second Vatican Council opened a session. In commemoration of this great event of the modern Catholic history, Holy Father announced to observe the "Year of Faith" starting from 11 October. In Niigata Diocese, today's Mass is also the opening Mass for the "Year of Faith." As we try to re-discover the very basics of our faith, we are also challenged to reconfirm our commitment to the mission. In this context, it is really providential to have both the Centenary of the diocese and the "Year of Faith" within the same year.
      On Christmas in 1961, Pope John XXIII convoked the Second Vatican Council with the Apostolic Constitution "HUMANAE SALUTIS." In the Apostolic Constitution late Pope wrote as follows:
"While humanity is at the threshold of a new age, immensely serious and broad tasks await the Church, as in the most tragic periods of her history. It is a question in fact of bringing the perennial life-giving energies of the Gospel to the modern world" (HS 3)
      Let us pray that the Niigata Diocese would be able to bring "the perennial life-giving energies of the Gospel to the modern world." As we celebrate the centenary of the diocese, let us pray that God may provide us continuous guidance and blessings as ever.

Oct 3, 2012

Commemoration Mass of 53 Blessed Martyrs in Yonezawa

Memorial and Thanksgiving Mass of the 53 Blessed martyrs of Yonezawa was celebrated on 9 September at the site of martyrdom of the martyrs led by Blessed Luis Amakasu in Yonezawa city, Yamagata which is in Niigata diocese. As we are preparing for the august celebration of the centenary of Niigata Diocese in October 7 and 8, this years' event in Yonezawa was limited for the parish and its out-station.

However, more than 40 people joined the open air mass including a group from Tokyo led by Fr. Fujioka of Tokyo diocese  After the Mass, Mr. Mori who is a local historian and a member of the Catholic Church in Yonezawa took us around to visit several historical sites related Christians in 16 or 17 century and also invited us to visit a local family who kept important historical materials concerning Christians at that time of martyrdom in their house.

Hokusannbara is the name of the place in Yonezawa city where 53 Christians were killed on 12 January 1629. They have been beatified with other martyrs from all over Japan, though the Yonezawa group was the biggest in number, in 2008 and called Blessed Peter Kibe and his companions. According to the liturgical calender, 1 July is their feast day.  Because of hot summer heat, we decided to shift the celebration in Yonezawa to September.

Old documents describing the situation of martyrdom from the time of martyrs which is 17th century.  These documents have been kept in a wooden box in a house of former land owner of the area who was a wealthy farmer.

Local Shinto Shrine kept a Marian statue as their Mercy Goddess   According to the local historian, this must be one of evidences of existence of quite a number of Christians at that time in this area of Yonezawa.