Jul 18, 2009


I am sure you have no clue about the title of this post. "INAHO" and "KAMOSHIKA" are names of express trains operated by JR East between Niigata and Aomori via Akita. "INAHO" which runs between Niigata and Akita 3 times a day literally means rice ear since this area is famous for producing good rice. Then "KAMOSHIKA" which runs between Akita and Aomori 3 times a day literally means Japanese deer since this area around Akita has good forest with many animals including these deers. And it was proven so today.

I was in Akita which is in my diocese for 2 days after several meetings in Tokyo. Completing all my duties for the week, I was on my way back to Niigata this afternoon. I boarded 12:49 "INAHO" at Akita station which say good-bye to "KAMOSHIKA" leaving Akita for Aomori at 12:44. From Akita, Aomori is going up to north and Niigata is going down to south. Leaving Akita on time, "INAHO" which just began 3 and half hours trip to Niigata was running smoothly. Then it made a sudden stop. What happened? According to the announcement, a Kamoshika (real deer) suddenly appeared out of nowhere in front of the train, and it seemed the train hit the deer. So it was proven that this is the KAMOSHIKA area and also today "INAHO" met "KAMOSHIKA" twice. (Photo above. "INAHO")

I just got to know that Holy Father fell on Friday and broke his right wrist. Holy Father was on vacation in northern Italy. According to several news sites, he underwent surgery which was successful. Let us pray for his quick recovery.

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