Jul 19, 2009

Sunday celebration in KAMEDA

St.Joseph parish in KAMEDA was the community where I celebrated the Sunday Eucharist this morning. KAMEDA is a part of Niigata city and famous for a confectionery company, KAMEDA SEIKA which produces popular rice crackers. At present, the parish priest is on sick leave and several priests including myself have been taking turn to celebrate Sunday Eucharist with the community.

The parish council chairman of Kameda is ever ready to welcome visitors on Sundays well before the scheduled time for Mass. I always find his ever readiness comfortable since I do not like rush myself to prepare for Mass. There are some one who is able to arrive at the sacristy a few minutes before Mass and make himself ready to celebrate within a very short time. I can not do that. I would like to be in the sacristy at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time to calm myself to prepare for Mass. It is not only in Kameda but also in many parishes in Niigata diocese, in order to prepare for Mass, recitation of Rosary has been widely practiced. I do understand that there might be quite a number of reasons that one can not reach the parish on time for Mass. But if you can leave your house a bit earlier, then having a prayerful moment before Mass will definitely help you to prepare yourself. In Kameda, recitation of Rosary starts 30 minutes before Mass. It also keeps people away from chatting in a chapel. We should try to keep prayerful atmosphere of our chapel. (Photo above. The entrance of the chapel of Kameda with a sign; Keep quiet. Chapel is for prayer)

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