Aug 5, 2009

Akita MAC center, destroyed by fire

Akita MAC center has been destroyed by fire yesterday afternoon. MAC is the center for providing support for recovery from alcohol addiction and number of centers have been established all over Japan. MAC stands for Maryknoll Alcoholic Center which was established by a Maryknoll missionary in Japan in 1978. Because of its roots in Catholic mission, Church has been supporting its activities since their establishment. Bishop Satoh, my predecessor established Niigata MAC in Nagaoka city as NPO (non profit organisation) in 2001. Last year in February, the leader of the Niigata MAC decided to establish one in Akita. Through understanding and assistance from Catholic community in Akita district, Akita MAC has managed to secure a house as their home base and has been recognised by government as the NPO (non profit organisation) with Mr. Ishizaki, a member of Tsuchizaki parish as their chairman.

According to Mr. Ishizaki, the house which has been accommodating 6 people at this moment was completely damaged by fire. Fortunately no one was injured. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Kindly remember Akita MAC in your prayer and please be generous to support them to recover their home base. (Photo above is the parish church of AKITA. I do not have a photo of Akita MAC.)

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