Aug 21, 2009

The challenger

The volume four of a serious magazine featuring several interviews of local people who are active in Niigata area in many different fields titled "LIFE-mag" has finally off the press. This morning, I was happened to be in a book store, "Hokko-sha" in Furumachi area and found the magazine. Happy to see the volume four. I myself had been interviewed by the editor and the article appeared in the volume three. After the publication of the volume three, I had a chance to go out for dinner with the editor who told me that the volume four was on the way to be published. Since then, I was waiting for the magazine with a bit of anxiety because the editor, Mr.Hiroki Kobayashi, a soft-spoken gentle young man, is also a publisher, a cameraman and everything of his company. Yes. he is a lone hand to challenge impossible. I could not believe that he has been trying to publish such an interview magazine all by himself when he came to see me first time. But he has managed to reach the volume four. Wow! I would be one of his faithful readers as I love these young challengers.

If you are interested in the magazine, find it in Hokko-sha in Furumachi or Junku-do near the JR Niigata station. A copy of the magazine costs 500 Yen. (Photo above: the cover of the volume 4.)

By the way, Catholic youth of Niigata area are camping in Niigata parish from this afternoon till Sunday morning. There are more than 20 youth including several from Narashino where Fr.Ebe used to be a parish priest. This evening I gave a talk on Africa. Tomorrow morning, they will have a sharing session and Mass together. I will report it with a photo tomorrow.

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