Jan 19, 2010

New Bishop for Ghana.

One of my former colleagues of SVD mission in Ghana has been promoted to be a bishop. Holy Father elevated the Apostolic Prefecture of Donkorkrom, Ghana to the Apostolic Vicariate this afternoon and appointed Most Rev. Fr.Gabriel Kumordji, SVD, the prefect as a new vicar apostolic promoting him as a bishop. Congratulations for your new appointment, Bishop Kumordji! (Photo above; Bishop-elect Kumordji and myself in Osonson, Ghana in 2006)

The Vicariate is in the Eastern Region of Ghana with 17,000 Catholics out of population of 160,000. Town of Donkorkrom is in the area called "Afram Plains" which is a kind of peninsula without proper access road over land. The area had been isolated from the rest of Ghana by man made lake, lake Volta of Akosombo dam and reachable by ferry boats. Afram Plains used to be a part of Koforidua diocese where my former station, Osonson belongs to.

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