Jan 30, 2010

2010 Pastoral Letter in English

My pastoral letter for 2010 has been published on 1st January in Japanese which you may find a copy in parishes in the diocese of Niigata.  Finally, the English translation was completed by the committee for itinerant people.  You may reach the letter titled "Send Labours to His Harvest" in English by clicking the following link in the web page of the diocese.

Photo above is from the study session on HIV/AIDS organised by Caritas Japan last night in Tokyo.  Around 20 people joined the session in which the volunteer staff of the NPO, "Japan HIV Center", conducted a workshop on YYSP, Young for Young Sharing Program.  The program is meant for junior high and high school students to learn more about the reality of HIV/ AIDS.   Catholic Bishops Conference of Japan, CBCJ, has recognized the issue as one of the most crucial topics to be tackled by the modern Church in Japan which always preach about the dignity of human life.  CBCJ has established the HIV/AIDS Desk to deal with the issue and entrusted it to Caritas Japan.  At this moment, the desk is concentrating to organise a study session like one of last night meant for Catholic School teachers so that through the school education we may widen the knowledge among Japanese youth.

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