Feb 5, 2010

Niigata under heavy snow

Niigata city is completely covered by snow and transportation system is in mess.  According to the long-range weather forecast before this winter, it supposed to be a warm and less snow winter than average.  However, this heavy snowfall is already the 3rd heavy snowfalls of this winter.  Since today is the first Friday of the month and the feast day of St. Paul Miki and companions (26 martyrs of Japan),  Parish Priest and his associate, Fr.Ebe and Fr.Sakamoto, had to work hard to clear the accumulated snow in front of the Cathedral before 10 am Mass. 

Behind the Cathedral is a steep hill and snow removal service by the city government could not catch up the heavy snowfall which made a delivery vehicle got stuck.  Photo above is traffic jam created by the incident near our Cathedral.  

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