Apr 14, 2010

A-bombed statue of B.V.M. goes to NY in May

The so-called "HIBAKU MARIA", a remain of a statue of the Immaculate Conception in former Cathedral of Nagasaki which was completely destroyed and burned by A-bomb on 9 August, 1945 is going to New York in May and will meet the Secretary General of UN, Mr. Ban Ki-moon on 3 May. The statue, now remains only as a burnt head, was found under the rubble of destroyed Cathedral by Fr.Noguchi of Hakodate Trappist who visited the site upon his return from the World War II in October, 1945. In 2005, a small chapel was erected next to the present Cathedral in Urakami, Nagasaki to commemorate 60th anniversary of bombing of Nagasaki to pray for world peace without any nuclear weapons. Archbishop of Nagasaki, Archbishop Joseph Takami, a survivor of the A-bomb, will bring the statue to meet Mr. Ban and others in New York. Prior to the trip to New York, Archbishop will make a pilgrimage with the statue to Guernica to pray for world peace. (Photo above; 3 archbishops of Japan. Archbishop Takami, far left.)

In February, Archibishop Takami and Bishop Misue of Hiroshima made an appeal to world leaders to seriously think about the nuclear weapon free world. (Link to the English version of the message by 2 bishops.) Bishops were prompted to issue the message since the NPT review conference will be held in May. Both Japan and Vatican officials in UN suggested the Archbishop to visit the UN after the trip to Guernica.

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