Apr 12, 2010

The TESTIGOS performed in Murakami

A Catholic musical, I may say so with full confidence, the "TESTIGOS" has been performed in Murakami city, northern Niigata, on last Saturday afternoon for a general public. The musical was performed by a group from Nagoya called Xavier Angels Company led by an energetic Spanish young man who is a Catholic and a Japanese lady who is not a Catholic. The performance was organised by a local private school, Niigata University of Rehabilitation which was just established on 1st April this year as their commemorative activities for the beginning of the new school. The school is not a Catholic nor Christian school but the musical was 100% Catholic one and the faculty chose the performance knowing this is Christian performance. Yet, according to the president of the school corporation who is a psychiatrist, this performance represents what they have been after in their school formation; providing total relaxation to human body and soul.

The Xavier Angels Company was joined by a local dancing group and a choirs group. More than 600 people including a city mayor of Murakami came to witness this wonderful performance of 10 saints and great people of modern world. These 10 includes Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II and St. Maximilian Kolbe. I was so amazed to see non-Christian people enjoying the performance which was filled by quite Catholic ideas, even calling people to be a witness of God. The last song depicting Pope JPII again and again tell the audience "do not be afraid". We should not be afraid to be a real witness of God. We should not be timid messenger of God who are afraid to present the message of God directly. These performers were teaching us important attitude we should make our own.
The Xavier Angels Company will perform the TESTIGOS during the World Expos in Shanghai. God bless their activities.

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