Apr 5, 2012

Chrism Mass in Niigata and Sapporo

Both in Niigata and Sapporo dioceses, the Chrism Mass has not been celebrated on Holy Thursday because of long distance which priests have to travel to reach the Cathedral. It is impossible for many of them to return to their respective parishes on time to celebrate Holy Thursday liturgy if they have to be in the respective Cathedral on Thursday morning.

Chrism Mass in Niigata was celebrated on Tuesday at 10 am with more than 30 priests and almost 100 faithfuls.  In Niigata, most of priests working in the diocese joined the Mass except SVD confreres in Akita which was represented by the district superior.

Chrism Mass in Sapporo was celebrated on Wednesday at 10:30 am with also more than 30 priests and almost 100 faithfuls.  Weather on this Wednesday in all over Japan was terrible and Hokkaido was just like a winter with snow and strong wind.  Despite the bad weather, so many people made quite a effort to travel to the Cathedral.

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