Apr 24, 2012

Seminarians visiting Niigata Diocese

From 24 to 27 April, 23 seminarians and 6 formators of Japan Catholic Major Seminary are visiting Niigata Diocese. The group consists of deacons and seminarians in Philosophy course. In Japan, at this moment, every seminarians from all together 16 dioceses have to join the National Major Seminary which has 2 separate campuses, one in Tokyo for Philosophy and the other in Fukuoka for Theology. After their ordination as deacon, they return to Tokyo for special one year course prepared for deacons. Unfortunately, there are no seminarians from Niigata Diocese at this moment. 

The group is led by Fr. Koshi ITO of Tokyo diocese, the vice rector. Fr. Ebe of Niigata and Fr. Otaki, the chancellor of the diocese and also a teacher of Philosophy of the seminary, joined the group to visit Sado. As their budget are limited, they will sleep at the Parish Hall of Sado Catholic Church, thanks to the hospitality of Fr. Kawasaki, the parish priest and my Vicar General.

In Sado island, they will visit the Hyakunin-zuka memorial of Christian martyrdom which occurred almost 400 years ago. As Niigata district of the diocese is planning to organise a pilgrimage on 12 and 13 May to the memorial, seminarians will clear the area and prepare for the event. Thank you for your prayer and hard work, seminarians.

They will return to Niigata on Thursday, 26. There will be Mass at 5 pm on 26 April in Niigata Cathedral with seminarians followed by a party. You are also welcome to join us to pray for the seminarians.

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