Jun 14, 2012

Pastoral Council held in Sapporo Diocese

I have been in my second diocese, Sapporo, to attend its Pastoral Council in a hotel in Sapporo city from 1st to 3rd June.  (Photo: left is Fr.Uesugi, my VG and right is Fr. Katsuya, the president of the former priest council)

As you all know it quite well but I have been an apostolic administrator of Sapporo since November 2009 in addition to my own diocese, Niigata.  We are waiting for an new appointment of a bishop for the diocese more than 6 years since the previous bishop, still strong at 81, turned 75.

Though, strictly speaking, the pastoral council does not exist while the diocesan see is vacant, I thought it wise to organize such a gathering of representatives from priests, religious and laity among in this huge diocese to have discussion or our present situation to provide enough information for new bishop to make any decisions for the future of the diocese once he is appointed.  Also as the diocesan vision had never been discussed after it was decided in 1997, I thought it wise to ask the council to reflect on the validity of the vision..

34 people attended the 3-day meeting which was concluded with Sunday Mass.

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