May 19, 2012

Caritas meeting finished in Rome

A group photo of the representative council of Caritas Internationalis taken on 18 May in front of its head office in Rome.

As it has been made public, the revised statute and internal rules have been granted definite approval from Holy See on 2 May with an official decree by Cardinal Bertone.

It all started in 2004 when Holy Father JPII granted Canonical Legal Status to Caritas Internationalis.  Since then, revision of the statute and internal rules have been a priority task for both Caritas and the secretariat of State.  In 2011, general assembly of Caritas approved the revised text of the statute and internal rules and submitted it to the Holy See for approval "ad experimentum."

Then on 2 May, it was made public that with certain changes and additions, the Holy See finally granted definite approval for the statute and internal rules.

Now because of nature of additions and changes made between the last assembly to this approval, quite negative image has been created over the intention of the Holy See especially in the provision of Papal appointment of 3 members to the Executive Board, creation of support committee to Secretary General which will be appointed by Cor Unum and giving quite a many task to supervise Caritas activities by Cor Unum.

Though I am also quite surprised to know about these changes and felt that, to be honest, Caritas activities were now under control of Holy See, however, after I listened to the explanation on their intention for these changes made by an official from the secretariat of state during the representative council, I now am able to say with confidence that Holy See has good intention and supportive will to assist Caritas activities because it is essential action of the Church and also brought Caritas into Vatican.  As a juridical entity in the system of the Holy See, Caritas Internationalis has to fulfill certain obligation to safeguard its own image and dignity and also of the Church.

With this definite approval, now Caritas Internationalis is able to act and speak for the Church with certain authority and execute its activities to represent and manifest the spirit of charity of Catholic Church.  I hope and pray that Holy Spirit may guide this new way of being Caritas, especially newly created Executive board which will meet more than 4 times a year to make final decisions on the direction of activities of Caritas.

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