Aug 2, 2009

The "KA-SHO-REN" successfully ended the assembly

The 10th National Assembly of the "KA-SHO-REN", Catholic Association of Disabled Persons of Japan has successfully ended this afternoon at Niigata Sogo Fukushi Kaikan, the social welfare center run by Niigata city. It was attended by more than 250 people from all over Japan. Ms.Mieko NAKAHARA has been re-elected as their chairperson while Nagoya city has been chosen to host next National Assembly in 2012. The good attendance was due to high participation from local parishes in Niigata. Thank you so much for every one who joined the assembly and also those who sacrificed so much time to prepare for the function.

Rev.Fr. Nobuo Masakawa, CMF gave really moving talk based on his own life history and mystery of his own vocation. He experienced discrimination while he was a kid especially in primary school but, he said, he had never been discriminated in church community and that experience in church community was the foundation of his vocation in later years. He went through so many difficult times before he finally decided to enter the seminary but he had been so many times encouraged by his Mother who always accepted him as he was. He said " do not just encourage those who are in crisis but accept them as they are".

After completing all scheduled function yesterday, we shared a meal and joy together for the evening. Since transferring all the participants to other place was difficult, we decided to take a "lunch box" for our dinner at the same spot. Also as the regulation of public facility prohibits anyone to consume alcoholic beverages, we did not offer any beer last night. However, even without a glass of beer, people were so happy to sing and dance together to strengthen their friendship.

To conclude the assembly, thanksgiving Mass was offered this morning which was presided by myself with 7 priests. Thanks a million for those who traveled all the way to Niigata and also for those who spent so much time to prepare for the function. (Photo above is the the assembly hall of the Fukushi-kaikan with a hand made banner of blessed 188 martyrs of Japan by Mr. Morita of Shibata parish who was the master of entertainment.)

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