Sep 25, 2009

Touring Akita - 3

Finally on 22, Tuesday, we had a quite special Mass in a chapel of the Seitai Hoshi Kai in Akita. Rev.Fr. Peter Mitsuyo NISHIMURA celebrated his golden jubilee of ordination to the priesthood. Fr.NISHIMURA, 80 years old Niigata diocesan priest, has been serving as a chaplain to the Seitai Hoshi Kai for nearly 20 years. Originally from Hokkaido, Father joined the Trappist monastery in Hakodate and later joined the Niigata diocese as a seminarian. The faithful priest is a very shy person who does not want to stand in the spotlight so that it was very difficult to persuade him to have this celebration. Such a humble priest in true humility!

Several diocesan priests and SVD priests in Akita joined the celebration. Congratulations, Father NISHIMURA and we sincerely thank you for your wonderful service and dedication to the Church. Many more years as Catholic priest, Father Nishimura!

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