Dec 11, 2009

Taking charge of Sapporo diocese

So now I am officially started my duty as an apostolic administrator of Sapporo on Monday. All the district superiors and number of priests working in the diocese, both diocesan and religious, gathered together at the Diocesan center on Monday at 10:30 am. With them, I have managed to appoint Fr.Uesugi, a diocesan priest, as my representative in Sapporo. He will represent me in the diocese while I am not in Sapporo and act as a liaison. Together with the diocesan chancellor, Fr.Kato, I will discuss day-to-day operation of the diocese within this 3 men team. Then I also asked all the priests to remain in their positions in the diocese for mean time. Komon-kai will remain as it is, adding my representative as a new member, though. I hope and pray, and at the same time I ask everyone to pray with me, that a new bishop for Sapporo to be appointed as soon as possible. Mean while, I may have to travel to Sapporo once a month, mostly during the last week of each month. (Photo above is the Sapporo diocesan chancellor's office)

After the meeting with priests, we all went to the Cathedral for my "installation". Of course, I am not a diocesan bishop of Sapporo and, therefore, I am not eligible to take the see of Sapporo. However, as a diocesan administrator, I have to profess my faith and take an oath in front of witnesses. So I did in the chapel on Monday in front of these priests praying for me. We are also planning to organise a thanksgiving Mass for retired Bishop Jinushi sometime in February in Sapporo.

I will be flying to Bangladesh from Sunday till Saturday for Caritas Japan business. So that the next posting will be on or after 20 December.


  1. Dear Bishop Isao-sama,

    I 'm glad to have discovered your blog today and would like to offer a correction: "I am frying to Bangladesh..." I suppose that should read, "I am flying...."

  2. Thank you for your comment, Fr.Juanito. I am glad to know that at least someone is actually reading this blog. Since English is not my own language, I thank you sincerely for your correction.