May 6, 2010

Still from Taiwan

FABC meeting is still going on in Taiwan. Today is the final day and we are discussing on the final statement. Though we, East Asians, are quiet and polite to each other normally, we are having quite heated argument, or rather discussion on a draft of the statement. Theologians from India and Taiwan, of course women theologians, are guiding us through the discussion.

By the way, I forgot to mention about the BILA in yesterday's post. BILA stands for Bishops Institute for Lay Apostolate. Since FABC supposed to be a place of learning for bishops in Asia, several meetings are under the title of Bishops Institute so and so.

I just do not want to go into a simple stereotyping but I feel difference of atmosphere of this meeting from other Church meetings I have attended before. Maybe because this meeting is organised mainly by women. Besides several serious discussion sessions and lectures, there are time for prayer, meditation, singing and dancing. Prayer through dancing may not be employed by typical meeting organised mainly by men, right? Well, in any case, I am comfortable to be among these wonderful women in the meeting.

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