Sep 25, 2011

Bishop MAEDA ordained for Hiroshima

Hiroshima has a new bishop!  World well known city as city of Peace, Hiroshima diocese received its new chief pastor on 23 September in person of Bishop Thomas Aquinas Manyo MAEDA.  His consecration Mass was presided over by Bishop MISUE, a retiring bishop of Hiroshima, and assisted by archbishop Ikenaga of Osaka and archbishop Takami of Nagasaki.  It was attended by more than 2,000 people.  Majority of congregation in the Cathedral of Hiroshima were from other dioceses, mainly from Nagasaki diocese since Bishop Maeda is originally from there.  In fact, 3 consecutive bishops, Noguchi, Misue and present Maeda are all from Nagasaki diocese.  More over, both Bishops Misue and Maeda were a secretary general of Japanese Bishops' Conference.  Majority of congregation from Hiroshima witnessed the august event in a hall of the nearby Elisabeth University of Music run by Jesuit.

Bishop Maeda's motto is "non ministrari sed ministrare" which means " not to be served but to serve".  Bishop Maeda, 62, was born in town of Chuchi in Goto island where several priests including late archbishop Shimamoto of Nagasaki came from.  He is well known of his gentle smile and also his deep interest in Japanese traditional culture and fishing.  You may find from his coat of arms fishing net which he intentionally put there to express his feelings which is same as disciples; because of your word, I will cast my net. (Explanation in Japanese in the photo above)

Congratulations for Bishop Maeda.  Also we would like to show our deepest gratitude to retiring Bishop Misue.

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