Dec 20, 2011

New regional coordinator for caritas asia appointed

Yesterday morning, on 19 December, the regional commission of Caritas Asia met in the office of CA in Bangkok to conduct an interview with 3 shortlisted candidates for the post of regional coordinator of Caritas Asia.

After the interview and due discussion, the regional commission has come to a decision to choose one of candidates as next regional coordinator.

I am happy to announce that Mr. Eleazar Gomez, known as "Zar", is our next regional coordinator to succeed Fr. Bonnie Mendes who generously agreed to extend his term of office to offer his service to Caritas Asia.

Mr. Eleazar Gomez is from Philippines and currently working with NASSA, Caritas Philippines. After due process, we expect him to take his post by 1st February, 2012.  Fr. Bonnie will be with us until the end of February.

I would like to thank Fr. Bonnie (photo above) for his generosity to work for us for much longer than what had been expected. I am sure we will have more chance to work with Fr. Bonnie in Caritas programs. I welcome Mr. Gomez and pray for abundant blessings of Almighty Father over his new job as our regional coordinator.

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