Jan 6, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Very first day of the year 2013 in Niigata Diocese has started with midnight Mass in the Niigata Cathedral Church. I presided over the Mass which was a votive Mass for the World Day of Peace.  Despite cold and windy weather, more than 30 people joined tha Mass to pray for world peace and also the blessings for the year 2013.

Heavy snow started after the midnight Mass and continued till the end of the day.  "Gantan", the first day of the year" was painted in complete white in Niigata.  Fr. Martin Dumas, SVD, who was visiting Niigata for Christmas holidays enjoyed snow quite well.  He is from Osonson, Ghana and used to be my alter boy in the parish of the Our Lady of Lourdes in Osonson. He has been in Japan for a year and half already and may complete his language study in coming June with his first assignment in somewhere in Japan.

I wish you all blessed and peaceful New Year! 

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