May 4, 2012

Medical consultation for foreign residents in Niigata

There will be an annual medical assistance event for non-Japanese residents in Niigata city on 10 June.  The event which is called "The Fifth Medical Consultation Room for Foreign Residents" will be held at Crosspal Niigata Community Center (2086-3 Ishizue-cho-dori Chuo-ku, Niigata city.  It is close to Bandai-bashi) on 10 June from 10 am to 3:30 pm.

There will be several free check-ups including Mammography for breast cancer.  As for the detail see this link or this page. (In case you need blood test, then you have to book it with the committee by 14 May and have to go to a designated clinic between 21 to 26 May in order to receive the result on 10 June during the event.  Detail, please refer to the link above.)

The event was initiated by Dr. Fukushima and other Catholic Doctors in Niigata city 5 years ago in Niigata Cathedral Church.  As they had to ask for assistance from other medical staff in the city, they felt necessity to create a committee to involve more help from general public and also local government.  However, the annual event still maintains Catholic spirit as their base.  So you are welcome to take advantage of this medical assistance in Niigata.

Photo above is taken by Mr. Kawasaki of Sado parish last weekend when members of the Niigata district Laity Council had visited the "Kirishitan-zuka", the memorial site of Christian Martyrdom, in Sado island, 2 hours ferry ride from Niigata port, to prepare for May 12 and 13 pilgrimage organised by the Council as part of commemorative activities of the centenary of the Niigata Diocese.  Well, it seems as if the chairman of the council was tickling Jesus.  Thanks to the effort of Seminarians from Tokyo the other day and also for this exercise, the memorial site has been well prepared for the pilgrimage.

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