Nov 10, 2013

Bishop Katsuya ordained for Sapporo

The Episcopal ordination of Bishop Bernard Taiji Katsuya of Sapporo was held on 14 October at 2 pm in Fuji Women's University in Sapporo and attended by around 2,000 people. All the Japanese Bishops plus Apostolic Nuncio and a friend bishop from Philippines joined the ordination Mass with more than 50 priests from all over Japan. Congratulations for Bishop Katsuya and people of Sapporo diocese.
As I was one of two co-consecrators, there are no photos during the Mass. I was an apostolic administrator of this diocese for past 4 years. Thank God finally we got a new bishop. It was November 2009. I got a call from Nuncio telling me that Holy Father accepted the resignation of Bishop Jinushi of Sapporo and decided to appoint me an administrator. Bishop Jinushi was already 3 years over the retirement age of 75. Well, I did not receive any appointment letter from Holy Father but a one from the Propaganda Fide. Since then, I had to travel at least once a month to Sapporo which was an hour flight from Niigata. To be honest, it was not easy.
I am sure Bishop Katsuya is the best choice as a new and energetic pastor of Sapporo diocese. My homily during the ordination Mass is as follows.
 "For my power is greatest when you are weak," "Virtus in infirmitate perficitur"
The power of God can not work when we, human beings, forgot that our wisdom and knowledge has certain limit and try to find our own solutions. The gospel will not be proclaimed when we forgot to talk about God and tell the stories of our own. We have to admit our limitations. We have to admit in humility that human wisdom and knowledge has clear limitations. With this humility, as we stand humbly in front of the mighty power of God, then finally the power of God may be able to work freely and the will of God be accomplished. Gospel proclaimed. Knowing all these and hoping the will of God alone be accomplished, Bishop Katsuya chose this motto to devote his entire life as a successor of apostles.
Dear brothers and sisters of Sapporo diocese. Congratulations. Now you have your pastor. It has been almost 4 years since the resignation of Bishop Jinushi had been accepted in November, 2009. I am sure from today on, Bishop Jinushi is able to feel the real relief of retirement. Of course, the Church never left the people of God in Sapporo and have been appointed myself as an apostolic administrator. However, as I have to take care of my own Niigata diocese, though it is a small one, I could not always walk along with you. Probably among members of this diocese, there would be some who never saw my face. Thank you so much for your patience and prayer. From today on, Bishop Katsuya will be with all of you as your pastor.
Sapporo diocese faces full of challenges as other dioceses in Japan such as aging of majority of members, declining number of youths and very few response to the vocation, especially for the priesthood. However, I witnessed strong and active participation of laity, religious and priests in this diocese to contribute to face these challenges. Probably many of you think that I made several merciless appointments in this diocese such as appointing a priest to two or three parishes as a sole pastor. I do agree. Decisions to make such appointments were not mine alone but results of active participation of diocesan priests to consider future of the diocese and take active part in the evangelization in Hokkaido. Bishop Katsuya was always played leading role in such decision makings.
Past 4 years, we hold regular meetings of members of the former priests' senate, and organized two sessions of preparatory commission for future diocesan pastoral council. I am sure that you will make great steps forward once the pastoral council would be established because I am the witness of active participation of laity in this preparatory commission. Bishop Katsuya has been in the center of these strong movement to set future pastoral direction of the diocese. He knows challenges and the plausible way to find solutions. 
It was during the Mass of thanksgiving after one year of my presence in Sapporo as the administrator, someone prayed during the general intercession that I should be transferred from Niigata to Sapporo. It was my first time to pray God that the prayer should not be heard. Well, after all, it is better to have a bishop from this diocese since he knows the situation and challenges of the area. But as you know, Bishop Katsuya does not have enough diocesan priests to work with. Concerning number of priests working in parishes, making him as the bishop of this diocese means less number of active parish priests, say, minus one in number. Yes, Sapporo diocese has three seminarians but it may take at least 7 years for a seminarian to be ordained. Considering all these situation in this diocese, I would like to make urgent appeal to all of you gathered here today and through you to all the members of the diocese that please walk along with Bishop Katsuya. Try to face the challenges of evangelization with Bishop Katsuya. Together with Bishop, try to create strong parish communities. Evangelization is not duty only for priests and religious but the one for all of us.
Since his election in March this year, Pope Francis made several comments of his own view on the qualities and requirements for Bishops. In June this year, Holy Father spoke to Nuncios as follows: "For episcopal appointments, be careful that the candidates are pastors close to the people, fathers and brothers, that they are gentle, patient and merciful; animated by inner poverty, the freedom of the Lord and also by outward simplicity and austerity of life, that they do not have the psychology of "Princes."
Then during the seminar for new bishops organized by the congregation for Bishops this year, Holy Father made following three points to new bishops. "To welcome with magnanimity. To walk with the flock. Then presence in the diocese."
Especially for the third point, Holy Father said that bishops should "avoid the scandal of being airport Bishops” Then Holy Father called the new bishops that they should be "welcoming Pastors, journeying with your people, with affection, with mercy, with gentleness in your dealing with them and with paternal firmness, with humility and discretion, capable also of seeing your limitations and having a dosage of good humor."
My dear brothers and sisters of Sapporo Diocese, who would be your pastor welcoming you with magnanimity, walking with the flock and present in the diocese? Bishop Katsuya must be the one. Who in this diocese would be the "welcoming Pastor" who journeys with you, with affection, with mercy, with gentleness in dealing with you and with paternal firmness, with humility and discretion? Bishop Katsuya must be the one. You know it well much more than myself through your own experinece with him.
Finally, Bishop is also capable to see his limitations. Why? Because we know that very well from his motto;
 "For my power is greatest when you are weak," "Virtus in infirmitate perficitur"


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