Nov 16, 2013

Message of Caritas Asia to Caritas Philippines

Southern part of Philippines, especially the Leyte island was terribly damaged by one of the strongest Typhoon in the history. So many people lost their lives and everything which they had. Family members have been separated. Still so many people are waiting for help to come.

We know how terrible it is to be hit by such disaster as we in Japan also experienced such in 2011 and many people are still struggling to recover from the loss caused by the disaster. It is so difficult to find hope for the future in disaster hit area. We also know that our brothers and sisters in Philippines also prayed for us in 2011 and still doing so. Such kindness brings us hope for the future. So now it is our turn to pray for victims in Philippines and begin our support to bring them hope for the future.

Caritas Philippines has started their rescue and rehabilitation activities with other Caritas member organisation all over the world under the coordination by Caritas Internationalis. Caritas Japan has also joined the effort and started special collection in Japan since last Monday.

Korea and Japanese bishops gathered for annual exchange meeting in Kanazawa this week also said a Mass for Philippines on 13 November in Kanazawa Catholic Church. Photo above is a message by Caritas Asia addressed to Caritas Philippines to show our solidarity with people of Philippines. May God bring hope for the future to our brothers and sisters in Philippines. May the victims of the disaster who lost their precious lives rest in peace.

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