Nov 16, 2013

We have moved into a new house in Niigata

We have moved! From the first day of November, the chancery office of Niigata diocese and bishop's residence have moved into a new building. Though the entire construction works are still going on in the Cathedral compound, we had to move so that the present building would be demolished for other plans.

The New House, which comprises of our chancery office, meeting room, common dining room for  retired priests, the Cathedral priests and myself and a bishop's residence under one roof is a single story flat
 built with local wood.  Main structure of the new house is made of local ceder trees.

Present Bishop's house which is more than 80 years old wooden two story building was not strong enough any more to resist major earthquakes, though it withstood several of them in the past, and being quite inefficient in energy conservation. As the diocese was celebrating 100th anniversary of its establishment as the vicariate in 2012 and the Japanese government has announced their intention to raise consumption tax next April, I thought it is high time to begin restructuring of the Cathedral compound and rebuilding of the chancery office/ Bishop's house.  Also decision of the Missionary Sisters of Sacred Heart to close their Kindergarten behind the present Bishop's House by the end of March, 2011 and absence of any new plan for that plot also prompted me to organise a committee by both priests and laity to come out with new plan for the Cathedral compound. 


The demolition of the present house has started already and by today, we do not see the old house any more. We also have decided to continue to use two story building behind the present Bishop's House, though it is also more than 80 years old but could be renovated, for priests to stay or retire.

Entire construction works will complete by the end of the year. However the official opening and blessing of the house is scheduled on 10 May to avoid bad and cold weather of winter in Niigata.

Since the new building is in the same Cathedral compound, there is no change for the postal address or telephone number.

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