Jun 15, 2009

General assembly of CBCJ has started today

A week long meeting of the annual general assembly of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Japan (CBCJ) has started today in the Japan Catholic Center in Tokyo (Photo above). There are 3 ecclesiastical provinces in Japan, namely Tokyo, Osaka and Nagasaki which are made up of 16 dioceses. All together 17 bishops are taking part in the assembly. There are 2 auxiliary bishops in Osaka and Tokyo and Oita is vacant.

This afternoon at 2 pm, Apostolic Nuncio opened the assembly with his speech. As we do every year, first day was dedicated for several reports and also for the meeting on the major seminary. Also to conclude the day, we had 3 separate meetings for each provinces.

Usually, the general assembly ends on Friday but not so for this year. To commemorate the opening of the year of priest, we are to have an opening mass in St.Ignatius Church on Thursday afternoon at 3 pm. Then from Thursday evening to Saturday noon, we are to have a discussion on the vision of the mission of Catholic church in Japan. For this, we invited a priest from each dioceses in addition to the each bishop.

If you would like to know the official results of the deliberations during the assembly, which I can not publish in this blog, kindly refer to the Catholic Weekly.

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