Nov 21, 2009

Bishop of Sapporo retired

On 17 November at noon time in Rome, it was made public that Holy Father accepted a resignation submitted by Bishop Peter Toshio Jinushi of Sapporo on reaching age limit. Bishops have to submit a resignation when we reach 75 years old. Most of the cases, announcement of retirement comes with announcement of his successor. Unfortunately there was no such announcement for Bishop Jinushi's successor this time. Therefore, Bishop's see of Sapporo has been vacant since 17 November. To take care of the daily business of Sapporo diocese, Holy Father appointed me as the Apostolic Administrator "SEDE VACANTE ET AD NUTUM SANCTAE SEDIS" of Sapporo diocese. So I will be in charge of Sapporo till a new bishop will be appointed for Sapporo diocese. Of course, I remain as a bishop of Niigata, however since I may have to visit Sapporo quite often, I may have to reduce my work in Niigata for sometime, one year or two? Please pray for quick appointment of a new bishop for Sapporo and also kindly remember me in your prayer. (Photo above. A statue of Jesus in Takatori Catholic Church in Kobe. The statue survived the earthquake and fire in 1995)

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