Nov 14, 2009

Beginning of the end of the Daiwa Usagi.

This Usagi (Rabbit) dancing team has become a common sight in Niigata to prepare for Christmas. They always appear around this time of the year in a store window of DAIWA department store in Furumachi, Niigata. Of course, these rabbits are not real but mechanical toys. They dance to the typical Christmas songs such as "Jingle Bell" or "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. " Boy, these rabbits are cute. You can expect to witness a mother enjoying songs and dancing of them with her little kid in front of the store window during the day time or a gentleman who got tipsy dancing with them by night. They dance 24 hours a day triggered by a human motion detector. A high-tech machine!

However, it would be the last winter for these rabbits to dance in Niigata since their home, the Daiwa department store would be closed down next June. Because of poor business performance in Niigata prefecture where they have 3 stores, Daiwa department store from Kanazawa decided to close all these 3 stores in Niigata. That means we are losing our favorite rabbits. I will miss them for sure.

Tomorrow, there will be a confirmation Mass in Terao Parish in Niigata at 9:30 am.

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