Mar 5, 2011

Groundbreaking ceremony in Sanjo KG

In the late afternoon on 2 March, a groundbreaking ceremony for Shirayuri Kindergarten was held in Sanjo despite of cold and windy weather with snow.  Because of harsh weather, most of the ceremony was held in a newly built chapel building of Sanjo parish.  However, as the most important element of the ceremony which is breaking the ground had to be done outside at the very spot of the construction, we went out to endure cold and strong wind.  Fr. Ishiguro, a parish priest and a director of the KG, broke the ground with spade, a symbolic spade made out of wood and was joined by the chairman of the construction company, Mr. Watanabe who broke the ground with a harrow.  Staff members of the KG, several parents with their kids and some of the parishioners attended the ceremony.

Sanjo parish has completed the first phase of their renovation plan already by the end of last year when their new chapel with rectory was built.  This is the beginning of the second phase.  They will build a two story building behind the chapel for the KG which  will be connected to the existing two story building.  Then after the completion of the new building for the KG, then oldest part of the KG which host present chapel on roof top will be demolished.  In order to complete all these construction by the end of summer holidays, the groundbreaking ceremony had to take place in the beginning of March.

I have to congratulate Fr. Ishiguro and entire parishioners of Snajo who managed to accumulate quite a lot of fund to built their new chapel.  Of course, they spent quite some time to accomplish their goal.

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