Mar 17, 2011

Japan Earthquake 4: SENDAI

I am just back from Sendai.  I have been there to visit Bishop Hiraga of Sendai with Bishop Tani of Saitama to discuss about the details of Catholic response to the disaster of earthquake and tsunami.  We have decided to open the Sendai Diocese Support Center to coordinate volunteers from all over Japan and make concrete plan for future relief operation.  If you are interested in helping victims as volunteer, you may contact the Support Center to obtain detailed information.  You may reach the center at 090-1217-3233

The head of the center is Bishop Hiraga and a staff from Caritas Japan will stay at Sendai to support the operation.  Caritas Japan will continue to accept donation within Japan.  Sendai diocese also accept donation to support Catholic Church in Sendai.  Saitama diocese also accept donation for the Church.  The operation of the Sendai Support Center will be assisted by the fund from Caritas Japan.  If you want to donate from outside Japan, you may refer to the Home Page of Caritas Internationalis.

I visited one of the Tsunami hit area near Sendai, Tagajo-city.  The photos above are one of the typical scene in Tagajo bay area.  The photo was taken at the place which is 2 km away from the sea.  There were hundred of cars and trucks left on the road and destroyed by Tsunami.  I do not know how long it may take to bring these places normal.  Pray for the victims.

From Niigata diocese, Fr. Honma of Yamagata is providing a shelter at Yamagata for 20 people and Shinjo for 30 people.  Shinjo is meant especially for Non-Japanese victims.  You may contact Fr. Honma in Yamagata Church.

P.S. Fr. Honma added Nagai Church as a shelter for 20 people.  You may contact Fr. Honma on his mobile phone at 080-6016-8088

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