Jul 29, 2009

The Japan Catholic 10 Days of Peace

From 6 August to 15, the Catholic Church in Japan celebrates 10 specially designated days to reflect on Peace. Why these 10 days? August 6 is the memorial day for Hiroshima bombing by A bomb in 1945 and August 15 is the day Japan surrendered. Also within these 10 days is August 9 which is the memorial day for Nagasaki bombing. This is the period to reflect on the wars of the past and to work and pray for peace in the future.

In Niigata, to commemorate the Japan Catholic 10 Days of Peace, several activities have been planned to take place.

On 9 August, Sunday at 2 pm in Niigata Cathedral, Rev.Fr. Mikio WADA of Osaka diocese will give a lecture on Peace based on Ps.46 and 149. Fr.WADA is a well-known Bible scholar and a professor in the major seminary. At the same time, he also dedicates much of his time as a pastor in one of parishes in Osaka. He has also been a strong and important member from Catholic Church for the committee for the interconfessional Bible translation. After the lecture, Fr. WADA will preside over a Mass at 3:45 pm. (Photo above. Fr. WADA talking to Niigata diocesan priests)

Then in Naoetsu Peace memorial Park in Joetsu, there will be an ecumenical prayer meeting for Peace on 9 August at 6 pm. During the WWII, there was the Prisoner of War Camp in Naoetsu which housed soldiers from Australia. According to the memorial plaque in the park, Lt.Col. A Robertson and 59 lost their life in Naoetsu during the period of 1942 to 45. So every year during this time, Christians gather together in the park to pray for them and for Peace.

You are invited to join these activities.

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