Jul 21, 2009

Toward the centennial of the diocese

Niigata diocese will celebrate the centennial of its foundation in 2012. The apostolic prefecture of Niigata was established in 1912 with Most Rev. Joseph Reiners, SVD as its first Prefect. Then in 1962, Niigata was raised to be a diocese with Bishop John Ito as its first bishop. So the year 2012 is its centennial celebration. I have asked one laity from each district of the diocese to join the committee to plan for the celebration and the very first meeting of the committee was held in Niigata yesterday. We are still in the stage of gathering ideas but at least we decided 2 items, publishing a commemorative booklet and organising a diocesan rally in October 2012 in Niigata. Details of the celebration will be published as soon as we come with concrete plans. (Photo above. The committee members)

During the discussion, one member posed a quite crucial question if we have enough budget to organise such an august celebration. Answer was simple. No, we don't. The financial situation of the diocese which has only 7,000 Catholics is not so strong as you can imagine. For instance, I could not accept one more priest from one of the Religious orders in Japan last year because I had had no more money to pay his salary. So if you are willing to support this small diocese, you are always welcome to be generous.

I will be away on my annual leave for a week beginning from tomorrow and the posting of new articles for this blog would be delayed.

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