Jul 7, 2009

Lake Baikal and omul fish

If you are staying in Irkutsk, then you have to visit one of the world heritage, lake Baikal by all means. So we did. We, Fr.Sakamoto and myself, were invited by Bishop Cyryl Klimowicz to make one day trip to lake Baikal during our stay there. Of course, it is not only to enjoy beauty of nature nor taste of omul fish, which is the original fish in the lake, our main purpose was to visit a retreat house of the diocese situated just near by the lake. In fact, it was my second time to visit the house. Almost 10 years ago when I made my first trip to Irkutsk, Bishop Mazur, SVD, then the diocesan bishop of Irkutsk invited me to find the future spiritual formation center for the diocese near the lake. So this time, after 10 years, I was delighted to find that the house is still shining as before and, more over, to know that the house has been well used for the formation in the diocese, especially for the youth. This time when we arrived at the house, we were met by a group of young people of the diocese who had been camping with their spiritual director. (Photo above. Bishop Cyryl, far left, chatting with the youth) After we enjoyed wonderful lunch prepared by the matron, I realised several young ladies were working in the back yard cutting grass. Bishop introduced them as volunteers during school vacation. A good sign of development of the diocesan community.

After a siesta, Bishop Cyryl invited us for a boat ride on the lake. Of course with omul fish and bread, and a can of beer for me and Fr. Sakamoto.

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  1. Oh, how I wish I could visit that place someday. I miss retreats too. Thanks for helping me reminisce those precious memories. They give me encouragement to move on and remind me to always evaluate my religious life.