May 4, 2009

Fr.Ebe has taken his new post in Niigata.

This blog is a digest version of the "Shikyo-no-Nikki" which is a Japanese blog by Bishop Tarcisio Isao Kikuchi, SVD, who is a bishop of Catholic diocese of Niigata, Japan. Full version of the text of the blog is available only in Japanese at the following;

Fr. Lucas Jun-ichi Ebe, a diocesan priest of Tokyo Archdiocese has taken his new post in Niigata diocese as a pastor and administrator of the Christ the King Cathedral in Niigata city on 3rd May which was the fourth Sunday of Easter and the 46th WORLD DAY OF PRAYER FOR VOCATIONS. Fr.Ebe who has turned 54 in January is a native of Niigata. Since he was baptized during his college days in Tokyo, he had joined Tokyo archdiocese as a seminarian and later has been ordained priest for the archdiocese. Archbishop of Tokyo was so kind to second Fr.Ebe to help Niigata diocese which has only 16 diocesan priests and always in need for priests. Welcome Fr.Ebe.