May 7, 2009

Fr.Sakamoto's first appointment

Our newly ordained, Fr.Kohtaro Sakamoto has celebrated his very first mass this morning at 6:30 at the main alter of the Cathedral. Since it was an early morning mass, only a handful friends of him joined the celebration. I could see how he was tensed during the first mass. Well, within no time, he will get accustomed to celebrate mass, however, I hope that he will never forget the feeling of his first mass and continue to celebrate the Eucharist with the same reverential feeling of this morning.

I have appointed Fr.Sakamoto as an associate pastor of the Niigata Cathedral. Also as I have sent a fax to each parish in the diocese yesterday to announce new appointments for the diocesan committees, appointment of Fr.Sakamoto is included. The newly ordained will serve in the Youth commission of which Fr.Ishiguro is the chairman. You may find the entire list of the appointments on next Sunday in your local parish in the diocese.

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