May 9, 2009

This weekend, confirmation in Yokote

This weekend, I will be in Yokote, Akita prefecture to make a pastoral visit to the Infant Jesus parish and 6 members will be confirmed during Sunday Mass. Pastor of the parish is Fr. Martinus Oman, SVD, an Indonesian missionary. The photo above is the church of the parish in Yokote. Well, quite a small building!

When I made my last visit to the parish 2 years ago on the Pentecost Sunday, I was really surprised to meet so many non-Japanese members attending Mass. Probably there were around 30 Japanese Catholics and same number or more Filipinos (Filipinas). This is typical situation in my diocese. Quite a number of Filipinas are in my diocese as wives of Japanese farmers who have been facing difficulties to find their spouses.

By the way, to reach the parish, I have to drive for 5 hours from my house in Niigata. Well, today is a fine day and it will be a good day to enjoy a ride heading North.

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