May 12, 2009

Long journey

Yet another days for meetings in Tokyo, again. I am about to leave for Tokyo this morning to go through, or endure through; this might sound correct, 5 meetings within 3 days in Tokyo, beginning with an editorial meeting of a booklet for the next year's, yes NEXT YEAR's, Lent. Then there will be 2 meetings for Caritas Japan tomorrow, the aid assistance commission and HIV/AIDS desk meeting. Thursday would be a day for the standing committee of the CBCJ, Catholic Bishops' Conference of Japan which meets once a month. To conclude the tour, there will be a committee meeting of Caritas Japan on Thursday afternoon. I got to be back on the night so that I may be able to travel to Yonezawa on Friday to prepare for the celebration of beatification of 53 martyrs in Yonezawa on 16 May at 11 am.

From Niigata to Tokyo takes only 2 hours by the Joetsu Shinkansen, the bullet train, to cover the distance of around 350 km which is longer than the distance between Niigata and Yokote; which was 6 hours drive.

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