May 27, 2009

Going to Akita for 2 days

For 2 days from tomorrow, I will be in Akita. I am going for annual pilgrimage with "Getsuyo-kai" members to visit Seitai-hoshi-kai house in Akita. "Getsuyo-kai" means literally "Monday group" which meets once a month, mostly on Mondays, in our Cathedral for Mass celebrated by bishop and the Rosary prayer. The group was established by late Bishop Ito, the first ordinary of the diocese, to pray Rosary, listen to the lecture of the bishop and attend the Eucharist by Bishop. The second ordinary of the diocese, late Bishop Sato inherited the practice and so did I, the third ordinary of the diocese. (The photo above is the Japanese style chpel of the Seitai-hoshi-kai in Akita.)

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