Oct 2, 2009

A delegation team to visit Khabarovsk today

A 5-member delegation team from Niigata diocese is visiting Khabarovsk in Russia this afternoon and will return on Monday evening. Their visit is a part of our exchange programme between Niigata diocese and Khabarovsk Catholic Church in Irkutsk diocese. If you look at the world map carefully, you will immediately notice that Niigata is quite close to Siberia. In fact, there are twice a week service of flights by Vladivostok Air between Niigata and Khabarovsk, and also twice a week service between Niigata and Vladivostok. Then, the city of Niigata has been a sister city of Khabarovsk for many years.
We have started this exchange programme since last year and this is the fourth time that our delegation is visiting them. We may not be able to assist them financially, though. We want them to feel that they are not isolated. As a community in the same faith and as a part of the same one body of Jesus, we want to establish long term cooperation between these 2 small Christian communities.

This time, by the way I am not joining them because of other engagements in Niigata, Fr.Machida is the leader of the delegation together with Fr.Sakamoto and 3 laity from the diocese including 2 representatives from youth group. We hope to organise a summer camp in Khabarovsk for the Youth from both Niigata and Khabarovsk communities, probably next summer. Since Fr.Sakamoto is in charge of youth apostolate of the diocese, I have asked him to join the team and discuss the possibility with youths in Khabarovsk.

I wish them a safe journey and happy stay.

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