Oct 10, 2009

SVD ordination in Nagoya today.

There will be a priestly ordination for 2 SVD seminarians in Nagoya today. Fr. Adrianus Leingere Hayon, SVD and Fr. Nikolaus Kondi, SVD, both from Indonesia, will be ordianed a priest during a Mass at 2:30 pm in Nanzan parish by Bishop Nomura of Nagoya. SVD has a programme called "OTP" or "Overseas Training Programme" for more than 25 years. Seminarians, after completing their philosophy and novitiate, can apply for 2 or 3 years experience in different language and different culture from one's own. The Japan province of SVD has also accepted number of seminarians from other countries for past 20years and many of them remained in Japan after the OTP to continue their formation in the seminary in Nagoya. 2 new priests are also the product of the OTP. Since SVDs are working in my diocese, particularly in Akita district, and also we have one Filipino SVD residing in Nagaoka to work for diocesan programme of the migrant apostolate, I hope one of these 2 will be assigned to Niigata. Congratulations for 2 newly ordained Fathers.

Last Thursday, Japan was hit by Typhoon no. 18 (we do not use international naming of the typhoon. Instead we use simple numbering system in Japan. I do not know why, though.) which left quite a damage over people's lives. As far as I know, no church facilities are damaged. I was in Tokyo for 2 meetings on Thursday and I could not come back to Niigata till next day since train system was in mess. Photo above is the Tokyo in dusk on Thursday evening after typhoon. You may see a glimpse of Mt.Fuji at the left side of the photo.

I will be going to Ageo Church in Saitama prefecture to give a talk on the Caritas activities tomorrow as a part of the National Assembly of JPIC in Saitama. I will celebrate 9 am Mass tomorrow in Ageo before the talk.

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