Oct 16, 2009


Photo above is not related to the title. It is a photo from the silver jubilee celebration of Fr.Masahiro Sato on last Monday. Fr.Sato singing with youth.

An e-mail from Fr.Tsutomu Sato, a parish priest of KAMO in Niigata and the other SATO from the photo above, brought me a good news on pilgrimage by some of the members of KAMEDA parish. According to his information, a group of 6 pilgrims from KAMEDA parish arrived yesterday at KAMO walking from NIITSU parish which is 20 km away. They left NIITSU at 9 am and arrived at KAMO at 3:30 pm. After the prayer, they went back to KAMEDA by JR train. This is a part of the pilgrimage the group has been trying to accomplish since the beatification of 188 martyrs last year November. Their plan is to cover all the parishes in Niigata area on foot whenever they have ample time. According to the information, the group will return to KAMO within next few weeks to continue their way from, for next segment, KAMO to SANJO. What a wonderful challenge they are making! Pilgrimage on foot is one of the best way to reflect one's life, to meditate and to be converted. I was thinking about the possibility to promote such pilgrimage in the diocese to commemorate the 100 anniversary of the diocese in 2012.

Another good news. Last night in the Bishop's residence, a group to plan for on-going formation of the faithful in Niigata diocese has met first time since its establishment in May. The group consist of 5 members, namely Fr.Otaki as a leader, Fr.Sakamoto, Mr.Maruyama of Shibata, Ms.Seki and Mr.Sakaguchi, both from Terao. They have been appointed to realise the third priority of the diocese which was set by myself last year based on the discussion of the Diocesan Pastoral Council. The third priority says, " In order to become a diocese with mature faithful, diocese will provide opportunity for on-going formation". They will meet once a month and will come out with a master plan by next April.

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