Oct 6, 2009

A district assembly for laity was held for Shibata

Last Sunday was the day for a district assembly for laity for the SHIBATA district in Niigata prefecture which includes following parishes; Shibata, Niitsu, Kamo, Sanjo, Muramatsu, Mitsuke and Tochio. The assembly was held in St.Anna parish in Niitsu. The assembly for the Shibata district has been held every year with a specific theme and this year's theme is "the role of laity in Evangelisation".

More than 100 laity gathered together in Niitsu on Sunday at 10 am for Sunday Mass presided over by myself and concelebrated by all the priests in the district. After the Mass, Mr.Ryu Suzuki from Tokyo, editor in chief of the monthly magazine "Fukuin Senkyo (Evangelisation)" gave a talk on the theme.

Parishioners of Niitsu prepared wonderful soup, "Ton jiru (miso soup with pork and vegetables)" for the participants' lunch. After we enjoyed time for sharing lunch, we came back for yet another sharing, sharing information from each parishes. The assembly ended by 3 pm.

Big thanks to Fr.Kamata, the parish priest and members of the Niitsu.

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