Oct 6, 2009

Return of the delegation from Russia

The 5-member delegation team which had visited Khabarovsk from last Friday came home safe on Monday afternoon with a lot of smile and a lot of story to tell. Though I was away to Tokyo for a meeting yesterday and I have not met all of them for "debriefing", Fr.Sakamoto told me that they enjoyed wonderful hospitality of the Catholic Community of Khabarovsk led by Fr.Marcelo and Fr.Ivan. Also they could manage to discuss about the possibility to have a gathering of youth in Khabarovsk next summer. We still have a lot to discuss before we would be able to finalise the idea for next summer since the concept of a gathering may be slight different in 2 countries. Probably, a week long retreat would be a good idea for youth from both countries to know each other, to share time for prayer and fun and, much more important, to feel they are brothers and sisters in Christ. Since taking a week long holiday in Japan might be slight difficult even for youth, we may have to be flexible to organise such an event but I hope at least 5 to 10 young Catholics from Niigata might be able to join the event next summer.

Thank you Fr.Marcelo, Fr.Ivan and the community in Khabarovsk. (Photo above; the team)

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